6 thoughts on “naked and new

  1. Anthony for a woman if your only option
    is a bilateral mastectomy it is life altering
    and then you can adjust to your physical
    appearance but if your single and meet someone it is an altering physical change
    …your verse
    Your timid imperfections…
    It’s really difficult to start a normal life again.
    Your hair grows back..
    It’s a traumatic experience..
    e g if you meet someone and he doesn’t know your history..you wonder if a man would accept you as is..
    It took me 5 yrs to decide to have reconstruction and it was a 12 hour surgical procedure because I used by donor abdominal tissue…
    Basically breast cancer can be interpreted
    Within your lines…
    It’s a great deep poem.
    It reflects on acceptance is how I interpreted it no matter how our body even ages..
    eaglescorp 6@gmail.com

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  2. I think your poem is very important
    and relevant in more ways than you realized when you composed it…
    On so many levels..
    You have an insight that I have never seen
    In poetry..
    Even with nature..
    Thank you..
    Keep composing


    i am proud to. 🙂

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