this poem is about how we can disappear internally long before our physical departure


once, in placid wash of stifling moon 
you managed your vanish, full
in empty room

i know, i slipped shrug
of meek existence too

© Anthony Gorman 2018

image: pixabay



10 thoughts on “gone

      • I’m always puzzled by how modest people who create great art can be and how they always question whether or not they are good enough. On the other side, people who have no talent are so ready to blow their own horns and get much attention.


      • Hmm, I’ve not really considered that, but it’s a fair point. I have my misguided megalomaniac moments as well, but I’d guess that folks who’ are willing to be honest with themselves and really face up to who they are down to their darkest truths realizes there’s little to be cocky about. 🙂 but yeah, there’s a lot of hot air out there. I appreciate your comment and sometimes wish I could increase the visibility of my writing but I don’t care enough to when I can just keep creating, which is where the real joy lies anyway. Different priorities I guess? 🙂 Biggest challenge for me is trying not to write poems that parody my own poetry. When you write enough, you notice repetitions in yourself that others might not. Anyway, sorry.. I rarely get a chance to discuss writing with others. Thanks again 🙂

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      • I notice repetitive pattern in my writing too. But, I think that’s the beauty of it. We have written proof of how we evolve and grow. There is only one heart within us after all. We can’t help what and how it feels. I think your poetry is special in expression and form. It surely deserves a lot of attention. Wish you luck and a valuable Muse for the sake of inspiration.


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