Big Spoon Swooning

meadow moon

my ragged arm drapes your
hidden stage and i take
my protective place,

‘hind your
resting heart,

our sighs and talk bubbles
float the same directions,
fearless in firing squad
of petty distractions,

dialed in to subtlest reactions
of mutual sweat attractions-

our coziest position
for curled cure 

© Anthony Gorman 2019




Ticking Tucker Sells His Luck

…what happens to emotion unexpressed.  Find your outlet, and make it one that doesn’t hurt others.. 

man with gun

gutless toss of human peel
jams writhing, midnight steel
to twitching temple, braced,

he jackhammers temper threats
into emptied household space-

just a bulldozer, sucking thumb with
soggy, time-bomb eyes

roped to bewares of
own soul’s cold swivel chair,

retching bile rusts of
just desserts and
musty doll hair.

© Anthony Gorman 2019




a paternal shade

moon father

oh, my sea lion son,
and clever deer light

what do you make of  speck
figment father?

comforts whispered from
confines of calm shade,
on warmest evenings

shimmer waves,
to shores mutual moon.

image, jumbled fade of
seizing pixels and
dead horse emojis

some days, welcomed
dad connecting,

others, old drifter

trapping washed out snapshots
when i pause the flashback

to free us three
in moonbeams.

© Anthony Gorman 2019