appel a l’âme

This is a first attempt at writing a French poem. My command of the language is rusty, so if any of this reads clumsy or I’ve used vocabulary that seems out of place, please don’t hesitate to correct! 🙂 I will be posting its English counterpart as well.

je reçois service en soie
par l’âmes perdu

quand les giants creux
prefères les désirs

je lance la langue seche
vers nos ardeurs

mais le ciel écoute
les tristesses encré
par vos peurs,

quand j’ignore
l’acide dans ma



face shifter (justin to jim, and from her to him)

perhaps tonight
i’ll sashay this sway
into peacock party dress

or wield a cuban in
wrinkled sweater vest

i’ll snuggle fading flannel in
winter lake cabins

’til i find a love that
swells me thinner

carving holes in floorboards
to indulge twilight’s
violet swimmer.

or maybe

i’ll fall desert fever like
king of lizards, flicking tongues
with onward drifters

in pleasure’s sordid
after simmer.

all masks are spokes of
sacred wheel spun to
dizzy up the feel.