Off my Mango (a fight ‘gainst first Impressions)

Just an absurd little burst written about a true story about my first introduction to the mango.

my disdain for the
common mango

began when i hookied from
bullies ghoulin’ hallways
at school

in our basement clouds
i dug her careless

i gingered into first bite
in yield to both our

the taste-

eyes filled, stun-gun of disgust,
rolled slime ’round the pallet
’til mercy dissolved
my tongue,

oh, so this is mango?

can’t say i really like the earthy
flavours of decay and it’s
induced these gag

a mirror for the
taste forsaken,

she glanced slashes at me
like i just killed her
prize puppy,

after it just defaulted
on my lawn,

she goes, “no way cunt,
mango’s the fucking

uh, don’t you mean
a foreign bomb?

“No! it tastes just like sunshine,
and each bite, reminds me how
its sweetness becomes me!”

can’t say i don’t

she pried her bite, eyes shied-
then girl flower just spit it
back on plate.

“that mango’s fucking rotten
no wonder you’re bracing
now for what i just

i didn’t know it was
or i’d have never
brought it..”

that’s ok, never’s
a first taste

(it took my full-grown
tongue and richer

to finally find the
splendor in it.



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