Her Own Pleasures

fashionista stylized, out of trends
by time midnight meets her
foreclosed eyes.

fled somewhere desires come far less
pressure cooker, less pressed
pants suits and more filthy
sweaty, heart mechanic,

more, more filed fingers slidin’ leagues
beneath her summer beach sands
and resistance of not so shy
plain panties band

sighs expressed mostly in hush
midst hints at shuffled under
sheets, all curled lips
and velvet probes,

blissful in faint rustle
of slumber gown

fewer whimpers in whispers and
more bite down on tongue
of sweet tendered

image: http://www.891khol.org/weekend-spotlight-tiki-garcia-paints-liberated-women/

image: https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-The-woman-sublimated-by-pleasure/175865/101113/view

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