Warm Heart, Cold Hands

out driftin’ raft along
morn’s crystal

i dream her shading
shoreline’s silver palms
helpless in forever’s

like kids prefer swimmin’ waves
with dirt bunnies under the
front porch in hopes of
finding bottle cap or
equal treasure,

over the automated
after pose for flashing grins,
now pose n grin again and again
and again for vulture
living inside a

it’ just the

i still imagine her helpless
by sea’s caresses but ne’er
when heart’s courage

and ‘spite this old heart’s
warming to hold you
i’ve only these
icy hands.

image: https://www.pinterest.dk/pin/460704236852789953/

image: https://www.ft.com/content/8db2fc9a-44ee-11e9-b168-96a37d002cd3

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