Father Breaking Fever

fever’s taken
another father,

a shriveled mushroom cap
at feet of lucid son

on tended plot
of savage

man gifted a thirsty puppy
only to stomp big cleated
feet, all over poor boy’s
pink n’ sweet

chain links recede like gums
as bedpost notches

treacheries roll their
tread all over old,
paved skin

smudged eyeglass
shakes in fist,

JD and grit, stirred
in with chewed
up grass

oh how the bottomless
flask drains light of its
glimmer, n’ fast,

but son, all’s
not past.

image: https://www.deviantart.com/dalelambo/art/Alcoholism-Art-Piece-2-697382640

image: https://pixels.com/featured/alcoholic-oleg-konin.html

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