Tug of War

round here the shiny toys
are shaped like
tiny boys,

but not all boys like their toys
revved and red, or dangling bare-
like girl’s shiny hoop earrings
as trophies ’round a
rubber neck,

cash the check and break the
promise, default on action,
betray self-respect,

expect some frayin’ in
the rope, cause this
tug o’ war ain’t
done yet.

image: https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-TUG-O-WAR/290776/132329/view

image: https://pixels.com/featured/tug-of-war-patrick-whelan.html

4 thoughts on “Tug of War

      • You seem less abstract…. like your mind is less jumbled. More peaceful… contemplative…. relaxed. The sun is shining here, but it’s bitterly cold. I’m looking forward to next year when I can finally prepare to move to a warmer place. In a metaphorical sense, the sun has been reaching down and soothing my soul. I’ve been so happy lately. It’s such a good place to be. Hope you’re doing good too. 🙂


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