Her Mountain Mind

A reworking of a former composition, my condolences to said composition.

prime cut n’ puffed up
with hubris, i set out to
scale a mountain
of a mind,

on awkward footing, i’m not
really climbin’ any
but that’s fine,

these icy bullet winds bring
feel like tiny stings from
the arctic wasps
to skin,

but don’t you
let ’em leave their
stingers in

steep, was always the
ransom of the incline,
my march up her plank
to some mirage
in cloudy

breath’s glass finds me fine
n’ red flag’s been tied on
as blood rag

but whoah, backwards in time down the snow
rollin’ down the hill i go, and now we know
it’s so much harder and harsher than the
the voucher sold, then there’s the
tumble down on crumbled
heap of frozen bones

once pumped up, stressed out
and clueless, i set out to
scale a mountain

but alas t’was her peak,
i’d fail to reach a
final time.

image: Pixabay

image: https://www.saatchiart.com/paintings/mountain-peaks-abstract/feature

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