Tightrope Stalkers

tightrope strung-up
from on high,

and it’s the measured and
mindful step count that
floats walker to his
safer side,

a rare focus, and so
fiercely guarded,

his wobbles are fishing hooks in
the eyeballs of the curiously
sedated, fenced into
their cushy,

mind’s doubting its own
madness, masterfully restrained
but mostly on the inside

and there’s no place like
the mind, in which a
sideshow draw
must hide

image: http://www.fuelfriendsblog.com/2008/05/09/i-wish-i-was-a-tightrope-walker-with-legs-made-out-of-gold/

image: http://www.fuelfriendsblog.com/2008/05/09/i-wish-i-was-a-tightrope-walker-with-legs-made-out-of-gold/

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