Portrait in a Window

i drain all light from
comfort of shame’s

under a sternly sky,
the sun dots my eyes so
i mount the trees to
find best shade
fit for me

rent free..

i’ve a drowsy hound’s
sense of sniff for
dank spaces,

but i’ve got no bloody sense
and last supper’s

facin’ all kinds of dangers while
turning away the gropin’
hands of every well
intended stranger,

this backdrop’s a breathing
montage of all photos
time outran or
outright lost,

but a picture’s what
you make of it,

d’ya know you can scrub
glass so thin, you
crack it?

so, i suspect that portrait on the
other side of room’s window is
just my mood reflected
tenfold back,

though i have
yet to prove

image: http://www.recruiteze.com/candidates-ghosting-cont/bigstock-blurry-human-face-behind-dusty-73089880/

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