Dark Dancin’ in Messy Room

it’s not the first time,
but perhaps
the last..

it’s so hard to promise since
that’s same thing i said
last time i thought i
had my finger on
right button,

same as last time i bled my
stain thru pores of your
vintage cotton,

claimed it my art, when ’twas
just poor excuse for night’s
breath blown rotten

just bought you a new
party dress,

may i take your hand and
slow dance you thru
ballroom mess?

image: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32339388650.html

image: https://wallpapers2008.com/wall/backgrounds/flamenco-dancer-print-on-paper-flamenco-dancer-painting-dancer-in-red-dress-with-black-background-art/

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