2020-07-23 – Human Shrine


hold the rhythm for
our circle if spirit
dancers step
off line,

crash the cymbals-
summon fire to
the summit

and plunge in
to step out
of time

carry womb’s tune for
our wounded

one slow drone
at a time,

in each note a timeless
symbol, each

a human

When I peruse this deep a blue it leaves me pale and humble. When the view sees me it leaves the spine a fine powder.  Sweep the ashes, bat the lashes and let the winds blow the past far from waking mind.  Hold me in the shadows for the extinction of time.

Grumpy Gorman

6 thoughts on “2020-07-23 – Human Shrine

    • Wow, thanks.. 🙂 I am glad you hear you enjoyed it.. and btw, I think that with whatever sight you have or don’t have you still sense more than most. 😉 Cheers!

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