2020-08-14- Fueling Genius

no more genius,

than we’re enthusiasts, born
into some death-wish,

crawling to keep from
floating off with
the nothing

buffing chrome,
un-lamping the genius,
cueing enthusiasts with
death wishes to heed,
to feed those deep
coiled hunches,


and chase life through
garden’s thorny

Grumpy Gorman

Thank you for seeding..

2 thoughts on “2020-08-14- Fueling Genius

  1. Well, lookie here, my new favorite song! I love it and it accompanies your poem well. As well, this piece has melancholy in it entwined with beauty in the details; gothic too in the descriptions. Such a perfect and visceral poem, the imagery rich and captivating. All in all, a lovely piece which seems to be about the cycle of life and who we are as people. We have our own death wishes depending on what we decide to take on in life as a challenge. This seems to be evinced in the final three lines with the thorny bush comparison. That was just my interpretation. I hope I didn’t butcher the meaning of this piece. Hahaha.

    Well, what more can I say other than that I love this piece? It’s amazing! 😁

    • Thank you. I am always marveled by such thorough and thoughtful commentary on the poems. There’s no mangling of meanings, and to be honest sometimes I don’t know the meaning myself.. so your ideas are just as valid. In this case, i agree.. it’s kind of my weary yet heartfelt framing. I am glad you enjoyed it so.. it makes the writing and posting feel like a far less self-absorbed process, though it’s not.. heh 😉 Cheers and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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