2020-08-18 – Projector

the flicker of a film
projector in a 90’s

casting biased highlights
from poker games
and shit beds
of past,

like their skewed

are the lessons worth being
injected, then sweat out
as an A grade,

the projector reel splits,
unraveling in a 90’s
5th grade class.


where faceless kids are
scolded for each thoughtful
question asked

raised hand.

Preachy Slurman

2 thoughts on “2020-08-18 – Projector

    • I long for a day where fewer deny how destructive and narrowing our current education system is and has always been. Gee, a “one way” teaching system for people with individual needs, how can that ever fail? heh.. let’s get back to teaching kids rather than training them. 😉 Ok, off my soapbox.. back into the soap suds! Cheers!

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