Angel Fish

i found my heart
by tending

bond began with

just some shimmery
ornament in

an occasional temperamental
glance and passing nod
when switching
lights off,

then the rains
came, and i rose from
graves lashing at mirror
ripping out

and you just swam
around an underwater
world, oblivious
and gay,

it made me smile enough to
crack and re-thread
my veins,

now feeds are equal part
fish flakes and
my pain,

and you just swim
around your underwater
world, thankful
for today,

some mammals
may deem it

that i now talk to angel
fish more than
i call my

Grumpy Gorman

…and either this is what they call growth or

i’m doing something very wrong.

12 thoughts on “Angel Fish

  1. I love my fish. I’ve always given my fish names, & I’ve always talked to them, which amuses my partner greatly. Stay safe. 🙂

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