Rocking Boat

i turn to dry erase,

i spit quick, then
split too early,

i fail to embrace my

but bloom wildly from the
traps and cracks that
stunt creative

i turn away from love

then back towards her
in desperation,

and she’s alseep
for both..

and dreams through
my waves of

she in sea of sheets,
me rocking

Tattered Sailsman

…sea spray keeps the eyes afloat.

2 thoughts on “Rocking Boat

  1. As a woman who’s spent a lifetime of turning away, this was cutting….my chest literally ACHED after reading this. Brilliant work!

    • Thanks! I realized after posting that I made a critical word error.. it should read “she dreams through waves of MY immaturity!” oops! I actually don’t blame the girl in the poem for sleeping… sometimes letting someone figure their way out of their own spin is the kinder thing to do, and it gets you more sleep! 😉

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