2020-08-28 – Smoke Rings

thanks for hungry
fingers in car

and juicy kisses
on our dry

a nod to touches
that tickled
me raw,

her raven mane
tossed the sky
a rush of


dealing blows to the
chest that felt too
much like

Inner Flowman

…and i still see smoke rings above.

image by Rachel Minshull at – https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/532128512197114200/

2 thoughts on “2020-08-28 – Smoke Rings

  1. I see you’ve redone your whole site and added a separate blog to reblog others. Thanks for including me there. This is a beautiful site. Minimal and direct with lovely images and interesting music videos.

    • Wow! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I used to share poems of others amidst mine, but it became confusing and i didn’t want writers to feel as though their work had to be linked to mine.. (which has a polarizing appeal). So i created a separate site to provide a stage less grimy than mine. ;)I’m pleased you like the simpleness. I can assure it’s a lack of tech savvy more than anything. 😉 Happy accidents I suppose! Blessings.

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