Hands In the Garden

hands in the garden
was my band

the one that never brought
freedom or death
threats of

it still seeps through
my membrane,

and judging by
the words

hands in the garden’s
a case of face
that fits

Grumpy Gorman

5 thoughts on “Hands In the Garden

    • Heh, yeah. Nobody in the band wanted it as a name.. because they felt it sounded to much like names of the Grunge bands coming out at that time. In retrospect, I agree fully! That being said, it works fine as a website title 😉 Just had to find its fit.. hope your weekend is going well!

      • It works very well… Far more meaningful than mine that’s for sure!

        Weekend has gone well… Difficult couple of days coming up for me but that’s a whole other story.

        Got a few days off work so I’ll just be plying myself with booze and letting my posts do the talking… 😉🖤

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