2020-09-03 – Swoon for Swan

i freckle a swan’s
canvas skin,

and surrender again
to the chump

those inane, clinging,
clammy thoughts
wringing dead
sweat from

offering a scripted bungling
of flattery downed with
horse pills as tongue
infection’s proof,


let’s crash and chase the
north star through
our leaky roof.

Ugly Swanman

image by Caitlin Al-Ansari at-https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/310537336796346031/

..the infection’s taken more than tooth.

9 thoughts on “2020-09-03 – Swoon for Swan

  1. WOW what a brilliant vid. The song is beautiful. I shall play it over and over again. And what an inspired poem from those sws! Aamaaung. Kudos.

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