2020-09-05 – Bev Shaw Parkway

i had an uncle Bev,
he told me it was the
name that made
him stronger,

i don’t
doubt it,

he survived a round
trip tour armed a
soldier’s rifle,

with a name like that
slung over his

can you

he was much like
a dad, only a
good one,

never flashed how
grand he

but you felt it his hand
shaking the soul of
any townie,

i watched it in the way
he brushed off

graced with the
grace enough
to spread it

liked his morning
toast slightly

he’s long passed but a
bright stretch of

holds his

dear old Bev,
still offering guests
his homespun


and a wistful wave
as we drive
his way.

Grumpy Gorman

…and then away, until next stormy day.

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