2020-09-12 – Poetry

i most love to
climb her

to rest my bones
on its upper

i laze in a most grateful
heap/feast for
fire ants

chilled by the trill
of bare old

i watch on as one by one,
word balloons float
past an ink
run sun,

i slip and fall each
time i fail to
catch one,


i love to climb
her poetry,

and do hope it holds
some affinity
for me.

Grumpy McPoem

*Retooling of a previous poem.

4 thoughts on “2020-09-12 – Poetry

      • Down doesn’t always have to be bad. Sometimes we need to touch the bottom to be able to rise again. Otherwise, one might keep their head up in the clouds for too long 😀

      • (raises hand, through clouds surrounding my head) guilty! 🙂 Agreed. Grounding is named that for a reason I guess! 🙂 Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and read. (so many things to grab someone’s attention these days, it’s just nice when people take the time to stop, engage and comment, even..) 🙂 Take care!

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