2020-09-17 – Twitter Feed

my past reads like
a history

written by one who’s
never met me or
cared to

or sat with their own
pains and thoughts
long enough to
trust them,

one who’ll only read the
low lights on some
twitter feed,


some loud mouth,
(other than

claiming agency over
the life i’m told
i lead

Grumpy Gorman

image at – https://my2ndheartbeat.wordpress.com/2015/04/16/like-the-birds-sing/

…gorged on twitter feed.

*just something i sometimes see.

2 thoughts on “2020-09-17 – Twitter Feed

    • Yeah, I often caution against posting my angrier pieces because the world sure doesn’t need more of it but some things are so beyond absurd, if you don’t hold them up as a mirror, it’ll just shatter you… if that makes sense. Stay well and have a fantastic Sunday. 🙂

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