2020-09-19 – Blushing Blue

come on drift in
on daylight’s

but your tattered kite
crumbles into sky’s

while arms fanned,
i’m here on beach
ever waiting
for you,

in the heart of

where every bird
in palm tree
is lonely..


and the palm
trees too.

Grumpy Gorman

image adapted from art by cocoparisienne at – /https://pixabay.com/illustrations/island-sea-fantasy-lonely-art-1721196/

7 thoughts on “2020-09-19 – Blushing Blue

  1. Another heartfelt piece. You have such a unique style, GG. Your poetry is amazing! I was also surprised to see a Weezer video at the end. Lol.

    But, anyway, beautiful work. So many themes here layered between one feeling hopeful and hopeless in what they are waiting or longing for. That is, if I am interpreting this right! Hahaha. Amazing writing as always.

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