2020-09-23 – A Hard Strum.

i drag a hard thumb
criss-cross your

blind plucking like
i crafted your hollow,
then threaded
each one..

for my

never devoted the
hours nor ears

to commit your
melody to

rather, i bled for the
promise of magic
a true song

in that strained key
i’ve fingered for
too long to

it’s no longer a
love song
i strum,


but the howl of
lone wolf

when there’s no
moon left to
bark at..

beyond today’s

– Grumpy Gorman
igram: https://www.instagram.com/gèèrumpygorman/?hl=

image at – https://wallpaperaccess.com/guitar-art

..a hard strum for my puny thumb.

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