Sore Throat

tell me a secret,
and i’ll spill

give me five

then i’ll leave
you be,

are you free to
shed a little
light on


can’t tell if that ink
spot above
your i’s..

a halo or the ring
around my

Grumpy Gorman

..think i need off this rocking boat.

visual adapted from painting by Mike Brandly at –

6 thoughts on “Sore Throat

    • Wow, thank you.. that’s a thoughtful comment. Sometimes I find that pairing unsettling matter with an almost nursery rhyme rhythm can create a particular feeling… often not so pleasant! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read.

      • My pleasure friend. I got that actually. Quite a trick you have up your sleeves. I found it particularly fascinating. Thank you. I guess I’ll be coming back for more of these kind.

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