2020-11-28 – Touched by Sound

touching sound
swallows its

i’ve felt it, yet i know
nothing and

thrilling to see that
light you’ve

yet felt stirring


we’re etched

in core’s crusted clay
with all of life’s
grand and

truths played out
on our inner

Grumpy Gorman
igram: https://www.instagram.com/gèèrumpygorm

artwork by Stefanie Wilhelm at – https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Love-Music-and-Silkpainting/651557/4598738/view

21 thoughts on “2020-11-28 – Touched by Sound

      • Hey again! My inspiration usually starts with meditation, music and atmosphere.. then a line or idea pops in and I go from there. Sometimes they go off in strange directions, other times they appear far more lucid and they jump all over the place in terms of moods, themes, etc. I am not really sure how or why i write this way and i rarely have an idea what’s coming until it’s been written. Not sure if that makes any sense. I think you have my e-mail or are on instagram. Feel free to shoot me any questions you may have about the above, just to spare everyone else my pontificating. Heh.. stay well, and thanks for showing interest in my writing. 🙂

      • Pontificate away! Is the music that inspires you the ones you attach to your poems, or do you have ‘go-to’s’ to set the atmosphere…? (I usually set the atmosphere in a similar way, but this particular muse was really making itself present yesterday…)

      • I listen to different music to evoke different poem moods, or I get into a mood to write a poem while listening to a certain kind of music. The videos i include are just usually ones that come to mind that might enhance the poem. Some of the videos i include are of songs I don’t even like.. but if they fit the poem, I use them. Heh. I am pretty much always burning scented candle and mess around with room lighting for variety… heh. I sound a bit funny, I know.. but this is how I go about it. Regarding the content. I rarely if ever have a plan of what I will write. It comes to me during the process, though occasionally I will jot down a line that comes to mind that i feel mind work well used as a poem, but there’s never more premeditation. Thanks for asking, I am not often asked about these things and it’s great to share. Are you willing to tell me a little about your process? Cheers!

      • Oh I love film scores and candles and scents and paper and pen/pencil and anything to create atmosphere as well. I also have very vivid dreams, and I have had quite powerful encounters with people and beings both in those dreams, and in real life. I draw upon those meetings and put them in poems. Or the memory of those meetings…and they are generally people I have chance encounters with, or fleeting encounters, or only meet in dreams or in parallel dimensions. That’s the stuff that seems to last for a muse, and to make it into a poem or a story. (it’s funny, I have a very similar line about the eating themselves from boredom or something like that in one of my poems in my poetry book. We’re “kindred spirits” (Yes, I’m an Anne of Green Gables fan!)… *laughs*

      • I’m an Ann(e) fan too! 😉 Thanks for sharing. It’s so fascinating to learn the processes of others as it’s not something I consider often but should perhaps. I might pick up some pointers 😉 All the best from Canada!

      • Thanks! 🙂 i never know how they’ll tumble out before I start.. they’re the ones i’m least confident in writing.. so i’m trying to.. heh. Glad you’re enjoying. 🙂

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