2020-12-07 – Insomniacidal (in collaboration with Lucy of Lucy’s Works)

red moon’s
peculiar night climbing a cricket eye;
Lazarus the dead, fingers of the moon
colder than the dust of a poet
I leave to hide my wind-wept ghosts,

and plead to the shattering in star-death
to star-death; I fall,
broken off the spore
like mold.

a charred moon’s vining
velvets winding
around the stem
of a crystal

wasted land, the headless
scan seeds raped

the outsides frosted
on love’s eyes,

please peel the
crickets from
this bed of
off white lies

like I tried,

then go Lazarus the dead
resting from their
tinder boxes

and give me back
my head before
the bullet

and i feigned

find refuge in  
a dead tree, 
the after-breath of a 
star, dissolution, 
in disunity, fangs 
deep in womb’s 
darker fruits, 

take me away, let 
me breathe 
trust i’ll float in  
a storm’s
the infant midst night’s 
wiser stars, i’ll meet  
you wherever  
you are. 

undress my undead

insomniacidal, in 
voice tone

tragic, is it not, in
the ossification of

and stirs of despair,
conjure nothing
but a dream?

Ghosts of lovelorn,

incinerate me in a
tomb of your

and you, you can take
the head out of
my mind;

and in my dreams, take
the child, I was her,
ever chasing her
for touch.

dissolving in threat
of a bloody


chew the scent of the
ethereal abyss

in our duplicity,
have we lost
our minds instead? 

I don’t know:
a dead fool is
better than gold.

Dust motes meet
the dead ghosts;
our oasis drowns

and in whispered breath,
I see the autumn lichen
swirl into fresh
cocktail of

with a candle path
lit to the

*i am thrilled to have had the opportunity to write in collaboration with Lucy of Lucy’s Works.. please feel free to find her work and that of other talented writers at – https://lucysworks.com/

We are blessed to have folks who do much to support online writers and are just as blessed to have such a wealth of quality writing that we have folks that feel the desire to support it.

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