2020-12-08 – Clicking Teeth

Sometimes I'm Scared Painting by Madison Sherman

pray i don’t wake
with clock’s

as feet..

and what if the
tooth fairy

tires of teeth?

what will he crawl
into my mouth
to claim

and will it bleed
the roots?

and if sandman
ever falls

who will grant me
slumber under
this leaky

and if i do drift into
either i hope
not to

wake to same griefs-
still clicking

The Sandman from the TV Show "Sleepy Hollow". | Sleepy hollow, Sleepy,  Sleepy hollow cast

Grumpy Gorman
igram: https://www.instagram.com/gèèrumpygorm

artwork by Madison Sherman at – https://pixels.com/featured/sometimes-im-scared-madison-sherman.html

gif at – https://imgur.com/gallery/yl7lMN2

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