Rusty Blush

Sojourning Soul | Art, Street art, Painting

it pains me you
relate so

i know the rest
his haunting

and each time
love ducks

heart bitters
to trust,

and thicker tear
ducts corrode

the worse eyes rust
under daily

Grumpy Gorman

image at –

8 thoughts on “Rusty Blush

    • That’s very nice of you to say. I was just mentioning to someone it can be hard to match a picture and poem because colour, shape, symbol hold different meanings subjectively. I’m glad it worked for you here. Stay well, friend!

    • Thanks! Funny you mention that… I often think leaving pictures off would be better, because the wrong one can really skew an aesthetic. Especially since things like colour, shape and symbol mean different things to different people but I am far too flamboyant and gaudy to leave well enough alone, and i’m ok with it. 😉 Stay well!

      • Obviously it’s your choice but, personally, I love your picture and song references. They add a little window into potential inspiration or also add to the inspiring nature of your pieces!
        Oh, and I find them very educational at times too 😁👍🖤

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