strike me like
minor A

storm of fuzzed
out hooks,

voice is mine but
the words

are yours

i pour it all
into the

just to watch
it overflow.

Crooner – Don Parkey

Grumpy Gorman
igram: https://www.instagram.com/gèèrumpygo

art by Don Parkay at – https://donald-parkey-art.com/artwork/crooner/

6 thoughts on “Dyna-Mic

      • But then, sometimes, it’s the pairings that make the least sense that work out the best! 👍

        I’m doing OK thank you – trying to stay sane as possible in these strange times 😕😁🖤

      • That’s true. Sometimes one can creative a visual that conflicts with the poem, giving it a very different feel. The strange thing is sometimes with my shorter lines or phrases, I notice that the same line can be read in different ways that impact the overall tone so the same poem dramatically. For example, “space that sheltered head from hell” can either be (the space that sheltered a head from the outside hell) or (sheltered a head containing hell). Of course I only intend one, but read in the second way.. the poem changes completely. No point to what i’m saying, i just find it intriguing and makes me want to play with that aspect more.. heh. Hope February is playing nice!

  1. No, I understand exactly what you mean.
    I had a very similar experience with my poem ‘F*ck Boys’ recently. It was only when I wrote a (somewhat) in depth response to a comment that I realised I wasn’t really sure how I meant for it to be taken – and I wrote it! 😂

    February has been OK so far – cold, dark and bleak so just the way I like it! 😉🖤

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