Flaming Crest

loosely inspired by a few photos of my older paintings..

dusty, ruffled plumes
encase a temple
in ruins

but we’ve heard the tales
of flight n’ flash from
wisps of ash,

and up she flares without
so much as the bat of
a feathered lash,

sheds one nagging glance,
too bright ahead to waste
any precious daylight
peering back.


this acrylic on canvas is one i painted following the death of my uncle, a friendly, giving but very manipulative man that battled his own issues with anxiety/depression, non isolated.  For his wake, i had attempted a portrait of him to include with his casket but as I began to paint, my own issues seeped the mix, making it a completely different mess.  It’s hard to look at.. but on occasion, so is life.


© Anthony Gorman 2018