Winds of Change are Blowing at my Brain – A Call to Other Creatives..

I rarely step outside my poems and pictures to share and in this time of uncertainly and evolution of our collective consciousness, but here goes. I want to take my thoughts, ideas, passions in some new directions and I find that doing so alongside the brains of others can be rewarding. If any of you deeply creative spirits wish to collaborate on any kind of creative venture, don’t be shy and come a’ knockin’. I’m rarely as confounding in collaboration as my own compositions may suggest and play it pretty fair.

So, if you have any interest in puttin’ a pot on and doing some joint creation with me, just say so.

If you’re shy and prefer to e-mail, I can be reached at:



Grumpys Gifts Poetry Corner now launching live.

Those of you who have been generous enough with your time and engagement to follow my poems know I used to post poetry of other writers i felt deserving of attention. I’ve decided to launch a new site, ‘Grumpy’s Gifts’ dedicated to my solidarity as not every talented wordsmith is also a marketing expert. 😉 Please come visit, share, join in if so inclined. As always, thank you for your support.

(Grumpy’s Gift)

Hands In the Garden, Five Years In the Weeds

So, it’s been five years since this little site began. I don’t often connect with readers outside of the comments section but this does not diminish my appreciation for those who take the time to engage with my thoughts, through all their colourful and jarring incarnations.

Browsing the archives is like revisiting an awkward yearbook photo. It’s nostalgic and cringe inducing at points. 🙂

So, enough me talk.. let’s go write…. and thanks again.