Hands In the Garden, Five Years In the Weeds

So, it’s been five years since this little site began. I don’t often connect with readers outside of the comments section but this does not diminish my appreciation for those who take the time to engage with my thoughts, through all their colourful and jarring incarnations.

Browsing the archives is like revisiting an awkward yearbook photo. It’s nostalgic and cringe inducing at points. 🙂

So, enough me talk.. let’s go write…. and thanks again.



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and along came a….story?

When I was a recent graduate of my toddlerdom, about 8 years old, i took a shower. I used to shower by flashlight because I found the experience more sensory rich though obviously i wasn’t able to frame it so at that age. While lathering, I noticed a large spider scurrying along the “V” where the ceiling and wall met. I was never one to dislike spiders, so I just let it go on doing its own thing. I guess the condensation made it hard for my companion to get tracking and it kept slipping down the wall, then it would try its climb again. After watching it struggle for a few minutes, I decided that the spider would have a better chance elsewhere.

I reached past the shower curtain for the towel rack and found a maroon facecloth. I placed it under the skittering spider until it dropped final. Once landed, i placed the facecloth on the closed lid of the laundry basket. When my shower completed, I stepped onto the bath mat and noticed the spider was gone.

The same evening, while lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I noticed a spider that looked very similar to the earlier shower one, tucked in the corner of the window sill beside my bed. (whether it was or not doesn’t really matter). It had spun a corner prism, and when the moonlight graced its thread, i saw a shimmer. I felt calm and thought to myself for the first time “Huh, i guess this is what they mean by we all help each other…”.

It took me a short while to discover that not every one felt the same way.

As for the mosquito…well….. 😉