Hands In Others’ Gardens Interview Series – Ankit Thapa, Nepal

(I did an interview series with a few writers last year, and I thought I would share them again. I was quite honoured to have interviewed these talented folks) 🙂

Hello to all you WordPressers. This is the first edition at attempting an interview series with artists that I have tumbled upon during my late night online browsings. 

Blogger and author of the website Despite My Deepest Thoughts, Ankit Thapa, from the Republic of Nepal is a humble and unassuming writer who packs so much truth and sadness into his art, songs and poetry that it comforts and haunts the soul in search. I am not sure that this sensitive and beautiful person has is aware of how touching his contributions are to his many followers.

Here is an example of one of his poems, as it appears on his site:

My Ashes



I had dreams I had hopes
I was almost there, I was so close.

This welcoming land, the sight so homely
Away for all these years, I felt so lonely.

A promising glimpse of my life, my passion, and my interest
But here I am, in peace my eternal rest.

A note I left, I want you to remember
Me? I’ll be gone with the ember.

I’ll leave in silence, I had so much to say.
I chose this life, at times I wanted out, but not this way.

This note was found at site of plane crash in Kathmandu. A passenger plane carrying 71 from Bangladesh crashed and burst into flames as it landed in Kathmandu.
Image credits – Sakila Khadka

image: Pixabay


I recently sent Mr. Thapa an assortment of questions for his review, and below are his much appreciated thoughts in response.

GG: Do you remember what exactly brought your creative thoughts to form in music and word?

AT: When I was in school, I used to write funny poems and sometimes rap, I did it to impress my friends and to flirt with the female students. I thought it was cool. It wasn’t a short lived thing, I was consistent with it. I never took it seriously, nobody did, we took it as a source of entertainment. Most of my friends liked my funny stuffs. I use to get person as a daily prompt. “Today you need to write about this guy, or this teacher.” I always got that.

GG: When you were young, did you tend to share your thoughts with others, or keep them to yourself?

AT: I had friends, supportive friends, but I always kept my thoughts with myself. I would rather note them down.

GG: What made you want to share your work on WordPress?  What were your initial thoughts on having your personal thoughts and emotions on display for so many other people?

AT: I used to write on Medium (another blogging option). So, yes I had initial thoughts of sharing my content. WordPress and Medium despite serving a common purpose, they are completely different. I used Medium for a year. I did not like how things were there. I started looking for another platform and I found WordPress. At first the interface was confusing, I did not know how things worked here. I had it on my phone. I decided to share my first post anyway, When I came back, I wanted to remove it from my phone, then I saw I had received 3 different notification with 2 bloggers following me. I was happy with that. And I decided to keep it.

GG: Where do your creative ideas come from?

AT:  For poetry, it comes from my heart, I write about things happening in my life. Most of them are about love.

For songs, I knew I could do it. I used to compose songs but I never noted them down, I would forget the tune I had composed the very next day. I lost so many of my potential songs because of that. I did not play guitar for 5 years because my girlfriend did not like it. I just bought a new guitar 2/3 months ago. I had not touched a guitar during that 5 year. It was the best thing, because I found that I still got it. After that I have composed 7 songs without lyrics. One thing unique abt the songs that I compose is my chord progression. 

For Digital Art I was inspired by a friend/fellow blogger, I prefer friend, Katy. I used to paint when I was young. After seeing Katy’s painting I wanted to do that again. I have tried using a different art for every new song. 

GG: Share a part of yourself that might not show itself in your artistic expression.

AT: My profession.

GG: What is your favourite word and why?

AT: My favourite word? Word itself is tough. I never label anything as my favourite. But I did learn a new word recently, Serendipity, I will title one of my song Serendipity. Merriam Webster defines it as the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. I like this word because I think life itself is a beautiful accident. 

GG: If you could be a colour, what colour would you be and why?

AT: I’d be Green, I love green things that come naturally.

GG: If you were a song, what would your title and musical style be?

AT:  I’d probably be an instrumental song, I believe songs having no lyrics gives freedom to is listeners. You can blend the song according to your mood. I am a fan of progressive metal, progressive rock. Progressive songs have odd time signature i,e 7/8  5/8. And it is challenging to compose one. So this makes it unique and my title would be “blurred” because I think nobody sees a clear picture of me.

Melancholic Madness


GG: Share a fond memory.

AT: After we had this massive earthquake 3 years ago, we were forced to live in the tents. It was once in a lifetime experience. I know it dosen’t sound like a fond memory, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, For the very first time in our life we didn’t have to worry about our daily schedule. we were all living together, we all made and ate food together, we’d play cards, and talk about earthquake experience. We made it such a pleasant moment and we needed that at that time, People who hadn’t talked to each other for years started talking. It brought us all together. The earthquake itself was a tragedy but the way it brought us together it made us forget everything, we were no longer living in fear, we were happy. We also saw how fragile we are, living without the comfort of our home. It was such an experience, Me and some of my friends stayed in the tent long after everybody had returned to their home.

GG: In the movie of your life, who would play you and why?

AT: I am not a movie person. I only watch it when someone recommends it to me. So I wouldn’t know much. I’ll pick from a T.V show. I’d go with Aaron Paul. I like from Breaking Bad.

GG: Well, thank you Mr. Thapa for taking the time to answer my strange little questions.  Your answers were succinct but contained a lot of intrigue and richness, much like your art.

AT: Thank you for this opportunity. I am thankful, This was my first interview of this kind. I had fun answering it. It took me some time. 

Once again, Ankit Thapa is a very unique talent, and I gently urge you to check out his website when you have a free moments.  It will swallow your time and spit back nary a second. Here is the link once again

Despite My Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read and –

Words, keep em’ short.











hands in others’ gardens interview series – erroneouschoices of choices in error: introspections artistry internalized

I’ve skulked her writing for a few years.  Sporadically, she would appear on WordPress, her brilliance tantalizing briefly, then perishing, elusive as the method to her inadvertent  magic act. Her poetry was opulent and long in language, cryptic in message, requiring meticulous extraction of jewels – which radiated with a mane of stars that could wreath ceaseless curious souls.


image: Pixabay

These days, in her current phantom form, erroenouschoices, the compositions read just as penetrating, but her themes, sores and melancholy weep from wider pools.  The raw but elegant protagonist of her works paint a portrait of someone you’d love to climb inside or melt into but are unsure how to approach or breach.  Her sleeves are wetter, her tussled hair-less tended, and all for the better.  Her WordPress site, choices in error: introspections artistry internalized tales, most always involving reflections on interpersonal journeys filled with bloomed desires, shielded truths, haunt readers with thoughtful confessions – she is a true pleasure to read.

Anyway, I will now proceed to slice off my fingers as I’m not the one you are here to read about. Here is a writing sample:


He penned her onto his arms,
into his wrists,
into his blood.
He wrote her broken
and he wrote her gentle.
She drew colors
and sounds from him
with a crack in her voice
a tear on her cheek
and the tail end of her smile.
Every night she destroyes his soul
with her mouth
until he felt it
mate with hers once more
for a renewal,
making life come back to life
he wrote her into his silence
and filled the void
with her honey hair and stormy eyes.
She had a voice
that made everything
sound like a melody
and his soul scribe
were margins
of the subtle swerves
of how she said his name.
He listened until his breathing
and he realized
some songs are toxic
and this was what a
beautiful death felt like.

(written by erroneouschoices, all rights reserved)

Despite her disquiet with the process, she was quite assertive in her wishes to participate in a question and answer session with yours truly. Below, is what revealed.

GG: I know that the notion of being interviewed is not the most settling of notions to you, so I want to express how much I appreciate your doing this. So, first I will ask you, what does writing mean to you?

EC: Expression. Being introverted coupled with early physical trauma that extended over years gave me a lot of built up chaos inside. It began as a young girls journal, transitioned into an obsessive documentation of life in all its mundanity versus horrors to a creative way of voicing, venting and expelling the necessaries. 

GG: What makes you write?

EC: Currently it’s less of an obsession and more of an enjoyment. While I meet the undertaking with intensity and depth it also feels wonderful while doing it and then even when I feel done with a thing. Its way of being creative with my brain and making something beautiful out of a love I have, the beauty of wording. 

GG: Do you have a safe place? If so, what is it like? If not, what would it be?

EC:  safe place….I imagine that means a place I feel comfortable? If that’s the case then yes, home is pretty much the end all, be all in that respect. If it’s a mental, emotional safe place well, shoot. Those shift and change all over the place. 

GG: Describe something you find gratifying about the process of writing.

EC: This changes, but currently it’s the distraction from obligations and burdensome things and immersing myself into the world of words that I hold dear.

GG: Describe something you find frustrating about same.

EC: I don’t find anything frustrating about writing. It’s something I can begin and leave for a time, it’s soothing and cathartic, it’s quiet and peaceful.   

GG: Can you share some experiences that have influenced your writing?

EC: My childhood is a number one influence. Filled with terror and discomfort, it was also stringent and cold. I ended up a misguided muddle of a stifled mess. But I’ve been told there’s an element of melancholy and wistfulness to what I write, to me in fact, even if I make an effort for there not to be. I am imagining it makes the things I write compelling or attractive in some manner. 

GG: If you could have any writer dead or alive edit a poem of yours, who would it be and why?

EC: I don’t want anyone to ever edit a poem for me. In my opinion poetry is art. And also in my opinion art is individual and subjective. If there is one way to write poetry I don’t want to know it and I want to keep doing it the way I am.

GG: How would your present writer and five years down the road writer differ?

EC: Huh, well of course I have no idea. I suppose I hope I would mature and soften. But that’s what I hope for my person as well. I’d enjoy writing people experiences. I suppose I’ve deviated dramatically from writing life experiences but it’s a thing I love. Basic goal with no timeline attached would be to go to different places in the world and writing about the people I see or meet. So perhaps in five years….or however many years or days in the future…I hope to be back to writing life. 

GG: Share something about you that others might find quirky.

EC: Oh wow, all things about me are quirky. Let’s see, I ride a bicycle for transportation most days of the week. I drink a full glass of water morning and night out of the same glass that sits to the left of my sink. I have a room in my house that’s exactly as my father left it before he passed away. I trip or bump into everything, even a crack in the sidewalk or a piece of furniture in my house that’s always been there. I share my neighbors pets with them, a cat from the lady behind me and two dogs from the neighbor next to me, instead of killing ants I’d like to create a relocation program for them.

GG: What kind of writing speaks to your soul?

EC: My favorite books to read are autobiographies and biographies. Even about people I’ve never heard of. I love philosophical musings. I think poetry is touching, revealing and a beautiful form of art. I love poems or prose with the human condition or urban life as a theme. 

Words to sum this up, things with heart and mind

GG: Any advice for aspiring writers?

EC: I do not, every writers experience is different, every writer is different. It also comes to mind that I have a regular thought of “who am I to advise anyone on anything? I can barely do my life” But since I’m still an aspiring writer and might be in that place for the rest of my life, I would tell people in my position to enjoy yourself. Once it becomes a chore there’s something missing, 

Erroeneouschoices is a writer that deserves to be read. Enough said.  She owns a talent and ease of expression that sparks both reverence and sincere hesitation in this old “poet’s” chops. Please do visit her.

Thanks for wasting your time with an inquiring grouch.  It’s always appreciated. 

Your rotten tomato target,

G.G. – words, keep em short! 



Hands in Others’ Gardens Interview Series – Lou Rasmus (NSFW)

When initially stumbling across this young, self-revealed HS drop-out, writer’ Lou Rasmus’ WordPress site, formerly known as ‘Drink and Smoke and Fuck’ I was left a bit queasy.

His writing, which has been loosely compared to Charles Bukowski, blares all the things I hate about myself, ejaculated through someone else’s pen.  It’s crass, nihilistic, it’s reckless, dangerous yet honesty and vulnerability manage to leak into his compositions and this reader can’t help but empathize, relate to and embrace.  His self-deprecation and “what did I just do?” moments provide enough human touch to keep the poems from  being simply dismissed as crude.

Lou Rasmus

lou rasmus

Lou often sees himself as a pathetic loser, and is not surprised if readers see him as one. How much of the character is the author? How much of the author is in the character? Who knows, and that’s part of the curiosity and fascination.  In fact, this lovable misanthrope was the inspiration of the following poem, which appears on my Hands In the Garden site: 


This is a poem written recently about a fascinating guy by the name of Lou Rasmus who runs a WordPress poetry site.  He fancies himself a lowlife and degenerate and these facets are present in his posts.  That being said, there’s something more to him.  I present my ode to him with his full permission.  He can be found at Lou Rasmus.


first impulse?


cut with sadness,

squirms to kindness.

sickens, yet courts you-

don’t worry,

he knows it too.
© Anthony Gorman 2017


Rasmus has just published his first book, called Dead Red Fish and I am looking forward to plunging it soon. It’s about a 22 year high school drop-out who goes on a road trip.  This is an excerpt from it:

Excerpt from Part One of DEAD RED FISH:

The road doesn’t look like the road right now. It’s more like something from a space movie. Like a vortex or some shit. Light coming down in flashes from above: streetlight, streetlight, streetlight, every thirty feet. White dashes light up from below, glowing under my headlights. Everything else is black. Flash! White. Then black. Then flash! White. Black white black white black white. It all blurs together. A fucking vortex, I think. Then the sweat returns. My shirt clings to my skin like plastic wrap on raw meat and I stomp on the gas pedal. Only the pedal doesn’t stop when it hits the floorboard. Instead, it crashes through the metal frame and clanks against the pavement. No stopping now, I smirk. The wheels bounce with every crack in the concrete, the paint chips off of the metal body, and I speed ahead anyway. Seventy miles per hour. Eighty. The axles creak and whimper from the stress. Ninety. Lug nuts are shooting off the wheels, popping like the cork from a bottle of Champagne – popping like corks from a hundred bottles of Champagne – popping like Pop! Pop! Pop!

A few weeks ago, this writer answered a few questions for me.  Let’s see how things turned out.

GG: Lou, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my random questions. So, here goes the first.  Much of your writing is captured “in the moment”.  Do you write when an idea hits you or do you have a writing process or routine?

LR: Have to write when an idea hits. Usually stoned, so I have write that minute or I will completely forget. But sometimes it’s not a full idea, so I have to go back and edit later.

GG:  If you’re comfortable enough, share a difficult challenge you’ve had to face.

LR: Writing a book. Faced others, but that’s the most recent. Writing a book is a fucking challenge. Takes commitment. Patience. And a lot of time alone with just some vices and a keyboard. Or, getting cheated on. That’s probably too personal but it’s true. Fucked with my belief in people as a whole. Took a lot of awkward hookups before I was ready to trust another person.

GG: My thoughts and writing cause disturbances in my sleep pattern, how does writing affect your sleep?

LR: Not being able to sleep until I figure out a line or a last word. Pisses me off. That, and waking up with an idea and having to write it down in the middle of the night.

GG: How much of the real you, comes through in your writing? Is Lou a character, or is he you? 

LR: I don’t know. Sometimes Lou seems like a made up character to me. Other times its my life exactly. So maybe a split. Maybe just me in the way I want to be seen. That’s all ego stuff I can’t be sure about.

GG: What do you think that people “get” from your poetry?

LR: Can’t really be sure. Feel like some relate to some things, others relate to other things. But I try to write about the reality that people don’t like to talk about, and I think that some people may connect with that.

GG: If you could hold onto one feeling forever what would it be, and why?

LR: The perfect balance of stoned and drunk right before everything gets dizzy. Nothing matters in that moment. It’s beautiful. (Similar and also good, the moment during sex right before cumming.)

GG: Tell me something about you your readers might be surprised to find out about you.

LR: I like to listen to outlaw country music. Not radio shit. But folk-type country. Helps me relax.

GG: Can you try to describe how you feel before, during and after you write?

LR:  Before: “Shit, I think I have a good idea.”

        During: “Shit, maybe this isn’t such a great idea.”

        After: “Fuck it, it wasn’t that bad of an idea.”

GG: What colour is your mind?

LR: Purple, probably. A darker shade of it that’s not necessarily sad or gushy from drugs, but not some happy bright purple shit either. 

GG: As an objective reader, Lou aside, how would you describe your writing to someone else?

LR: Sloppy. Maybe funny. Sometimes deep in self-loathing. Sometimes mean. Honest.

GG: Anything you’d like to say to aspiring writers?

LR: Don’t write unless you like your shit. Like, really like it. Like, enough to like it even when other people tell you it’s trash. It can be hard. 

Don’t be shy to show Lou and his recounts of drunken, drugged out nights of sex some love over at his WordPress site.  His style, approach and expressions can certainly offend some readers, but i hope that some of you will see the gold beneath the gross.

As always, thank you for sharing your time with me. 


GG – Words, keep em short!


Hands In Others’ Gardens Interview Series – A Guy Called Bloke from A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

Oh Bloke, oh Bloke is wonderful folk.  He’s no stranger to hoisting brows with one of his jokes. A Guy Called Bloke is one of most intriguing and engaging U.K writers on WordPress, today.  This author of  poetry gushes with truth, questioning, complexity of mind,  heart, vulnerability and hurt.  Bloke plows his self-professed flaws, failings with humility, wisdom and charm. He pushes taboos to explore and entertain, not to harm.  Much of his writing clever, intelligent and can bleed occasionally into the uncomfortable and absurd, which writing needs to.  The humour and playfulness of his writing often create an addictive friction with the dark nature of his subject matter.  I’ve found myself laughing at things I wouldn’t normally find funny.

This is the writing sample he chose to share:

Tomorrow is another day….

man on cliff

Last night l watched, yet another beautiful sunset,
Slowly idle into the evenings’ twilight skyline,
And thought of the days’ eventful upsets,
Which l had unwittingly caused for yet another’s time,
Life can be full of unexpected disappointments,
Upsets and discomforts, things to get you down,
Not everything goes the way that was perhaps meant,
Or seen at first, and smiles can turn quickly to frowns,

I mean not to cause undue upset to those around me,
Yet it can happen, and quite often it does,
When without thinking things through properly,
Sadness is abound, and why, well just because,
Freely admit do l, l am no angel, yet nor am l a demon,
Just a simple man at hearts depth, that wants inner peace,
And can only see the light at end tunnel through logic and reason,
Understanding that this may cause upset and emotional release,

Some things are quite simply, not meant to be,
Despite when others think that perhaps, maybe they should,
But in the search for contentment, and to be totally happy,
All l request is that my actions should try to be understood,
That at times, they may be interpreted as false hoods,
Yet l assure those others it is simply not the case,
It is just that l can so easily be misunderstood,
And at times, lack social tact and gentle grace,

My lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea,
It is filled with obstacles, oddities and quirks,
That undoubtedly would not make one and all happy,
But my social outclassing and isolation awards me its own perks,
Inner contentment and peace of mind,
Is not easily found, and some sadly never find it true,
Yet l have, and it has taken oh such a long time,
But perhaps, maybe, it is not for everyone, including you,

So we have parted on unfriendly terms, I do so understand,
And my apologies, for l am as sorry as l can be,
But, l am enjoying my life now, as a solitary man,
Even with my way of thinking, quite often viewed as disorderly,
Twilight thoughts lingered with me as l watched the day go,
Thinking of yet another friend lost to time,
And how my numbers do dwindle now ever so,
Because not everyone can understand this complexity, my mind,
Some days simply are not so easy to navigate safely through,
But l know deep down, that tomorrow is another day,
And gloriously filled happier days will soon come to you,
Just not from me, l am sorry to say.


Friendship as a concept l understand, however that is not to say that at times l am confused at the obligations and expectations others have on it and place upon you as their friend. We all lose friendships during our journey to complete our story, sometimes it is sad, sometimes it is necessity and sometimes it is simply not meant to be, and we just have to move on so we can all move forward.

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

a man called bloke

Bloke has immeasurable talent and heart and enjoys and appreciates other online as well. Bloke has several interview features of his own and is always interested in engaging with others.  I sent him some questions one night, and he was kind enough to send them back,  Here is what we came up with.

GG: Bloke, thank you for agreeing appease my curiosities. So, what is your typical writing routine?

B:  That’s a good question – l have no specific writing routine if l am honest. All week l think of things to write about, and then take the days’ mood and select from a random pile of post it notes on topics l might like to pen thoughts to.

I run a lot of series, and try and provide an eclectic entertaining mix of topics for each day. So with the series, l am never out of thoughts. I go through fits and starts of whether l pen poetry or not. Currently l am mostly writing long story, which is where my head is at.

GG: Where do you draw inspiration from?

B: It’s my life, by all accounts l have led a varied lifestyle so have many memories. I tried writing on topic things of that day, but cannot always attain that, so instead tilt back into my yesterdays. I am lucky that l am not having to scratch around for things to write about.  My mind is a hotbed of stimulation and constant thoughts, sometimes the hardest part is pinning my mind into just one area of thought.

GG: Are there any themes you find difficult to read or write about?

B: This is actually a good question Anthony. I don’t have a problem writing about anything as l don’t play by the rules of taboo and supposedly attached stigmas, however l DO have to be very careful to not offend anyone’s sensitivities in certain topics. As an example, you have seen some of my work that is somewhat bawdy or sexual on a comedy basis, and l must try and take into consideration, that just because it doesn’t affect me, is there someone it might cause offence to? So l tend to allow other bloggers to review some of the works and garner their opinions first.

GG: What have your experiences been with writer’s block and outsmarting it?

B: I have experienced it, however l find that if l was writing purely in one genre l would suffer it more, hence why my blog is an eclectic mix of many topics. Stimulating my mind actively all the time is how l outsmart writers’ block.

GG: Which writers or artists have inspired and currently inspire you?

B: It’s strange someone asked me recently if l had any heroes as a kid, and l honestly can say l have never held one specific personality in any light of righteousness as we have so much diversity in for example acting, or sports or industry and l tend to treat writers in the same way. I read a lot of literature every year and across a very broad spectrum and so happen to see many differing styles and thoughts and escapes into another’s world.  I have never aspired to write like another, preferring only to inspire myself to improve upon what l do.

In WordPress as an example we are spoiled rotten by a glut of fabulous and richly entertaining writers, who cover many topics in a host of differing writing styles and that as a global style is quite aspiring in itself.

GG: Would you be willing to share one of your hidden talents, Bloke?

B: I can smell numbers and see words from colour.

GG: If you could be a fly on a wall anywhere in the history of the world, where would you land?

B: Good question, l have no idea at all. Perhaps, rather controversially l would have liked to have been on the cave wall at the beginning of time and tried to see the reasoning behind certain provocative thoughts and ideas on how the world should begin.

GG: Which film have you seen the most times?

B: When l was younger, l was equally as much as a film buff as l am now, although as l have aged, that dedicated focus has waned slightly, but l think the film l saw the most was Excalibur 1981and l was 18 when it came out, however l was working in a Civic Hall and was the assistant manager there and we had a cinema attached to the building, and l saw the film 17 times there in1982. The film simply captivated me. Over the years, l had it in video form and even now have it on DVD. Since 1982, l have watched the film a total of 31 times. So for a film from 1982 – 2017 49 times. Hell, in fact l might watch it now! Making that 50!

The soundtrack was awesome!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6kellint2M

GG: Would you mind sharing something you take pride in?

B: It has oft been said l don’t have any pride – however l do, and that is making the right decisions, even if at times they are wrong for other people.

GG: Describe your writing style in a creative way. 

B: I like to write eclectically, l like to entertain and make people smile or nod their heads in resonation or relatability or just simply enjoy the fact that our world is way too serious and at times we all need a laugh even if it is at their own expense. None of us perfect, there is no such thing as the perfect human. So if anything, l write happily about my imperfections, my flaws, my reality.

GG: Any advice for new writers?

B: Do, what you love, do it to death , raise from the dead and do it again – always be B:, and always believe in what you are writing about.

I am a fan of Bloke’s poems and his courage in hanging himself out to dry.  He is a brave, kind and very imaginative person.  You should really check out his site, it’s fascinating.  I did not include author’s real name in this post because I wasn’t able to receive permission before the time of the post.

Thanks for hanging in with me and my “no bells and whistles” interviews, folks.








Hands in Others’ Gardens Interview Series- Braeden Michaels of Overflowing Ink

Hello, kind and creative readers. Talented, U.S. published author and brainstorm behind the Overflowing Ink WordPress site, Braeden Michaels took a break from enticing words and draining thoughts to answer a few questions for me and I present them to you, for review.  

What struck me first about Braedon’s writing was how he managed to whip up chaos of interpersonal imagery with such precise, meticulously wound words.  Where as some writers capture you with their light and breezy approach to with poetry,  Braeden seduces with intense, demanding, powerful and well-structured compositions.   Here is a writing sample from Overflowing Ink:

Unspoken Dance

Braedon Michaels Unspoken Dance

Unspoken Dance

Sipping on brandy
As the conversations stir like drinks
In the corner of my eye walks a stunning beauty
Candlelit piano played with only finger tips
Glancing at her crimson dress from a distance
Nonchalantly photographing her candy lips
Thoughts of caressing her skin flow like a river through my mind
The Mayfield jazz club oozes sensuality, lust, dripping magic, and chills of the spine.
Our eyes meet for the first time and the moment stood still.
The piano is playing endlessly as I pay the check in the clouds of smoke
The dance floor is empty as I stand in the center
Volts of passion soar through my body waiting to just dance with the most beautiful woman in the room
Elegance walks towards me as my hands wait
I place my hands on her waist and feel the silk of the dress
Our lips are inches apart waiting to connect
We move to the sound of the delicate piano as we do not speak a word
As the jazz club empties invincible fire is burning as we continue the unspoken dance
The radiance of her beauty is astonishing
I craved her essence and warmth
I respected and cherished every second
Instead of kissing her lips I leaned in to place my lips on her cheek
As our bodies became closer to the sound of the piano I whispered in her ear
“I want to make love to you.”

Braeden Michaels

Bradeon Michaels

GG: Do you remember when you made the shift from just thinking thoughts to writing them down as well?

BM: I started to write bits of poetry at the age of 10 on sticky notes. My mother sometimes would put them on the refrigerator. In my teens I started to actually write poetry. The cause I can’t explain but it felt very natural but kept it to myself. I knew I would be judged at the age.

GG: Where do your ideas come from?

BM: My ideas come from all over. They come from listening to music, other bloggers, just seeing words, and reading. My imagination doesn’t shut off.

GG:  Share a part of yourself that doesn’t come through in your writing.

BM: Well my job is engineering related. I use statistics, read blue prints, inspect parts and use geometry.

GG: Who are some of the writers you admire most? Have they influenced your own style?

BM: I read a lot of different genres so it’s difficult to name writers that I admire most. I believe I can learn something about myself or writing from another writer. I look at verbiage, structure, imagery, play on words, metaphors, symbolism and so on. Everyone is influential to some degree.

GG: How would you describe your writing style?

BM: This is a great question, actually I don’t want to be stuck to a style. The categories in my blog will display that I write a bit different per category. I strive to be different and unique. One thing that should be noticeable is that I don’t use punctuation. I want the emphasis to be on the content. I’m also not afraid to branch out into other genres to find myself as a writer.

GG: When writing, do you have a particular process or routine? Are things like atmosphere important to you?

BM: Atmosphere doesn’t matter much to me. If something triggers words I will start something. My process varies. Sometimes I will have a title first and start. Sometimes I will use a image to spark words. Sometimes I will write something where I want a little structure. I want readers to see a variety.

GG: Describe how your writing has progressed from its initial expression.

BM: I started writing in my teens so obviously my vocabulary has grown over the years from reading. I challenge myself more with my writing today so I don’t sound like I’m being redundant. Also there is only a small percentage of writing that is about me. Most of it I see the world through others so it’s “perception” oriented. I write more about concepts so others can see the world a bit different, perhaps learn something about themselves.

GG:  Any wisdom to impart on aspiring writers?

BM: I have published two books, both collections of poems. If you believe in yourself and your writing then don’t be afraid to publish them. Writing is a journey! Every writer will evolve over time because they will evolve personally. Worry less and just write. Don’t compare yourself to others.

I am grateful that Braeden indulged my nagging curiosities about he and his writing. The point about his poetry being precise in the initial blurb was written  before learning that he was in a profession of exact nature. Neat. Check out his poetry at Overflowing Ink.

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