breaking lucid bleak

on instagram as: grumpygorman

bleak luciduty.jpg

fuck this melting gelato smog-
and its mist skittish ,
soot shroud-

laying reclaim to lewd shape
lines by shifting, sneering

reshuffling of the intimate
in focus, bold-brushing
swan grays to the side,

full spiral ahead
to verves of forfeit dead,
broke-winged things invading skies
in vermillions eyes

© Anthony Gorman 2019



illuminaughty by nature

if setting soul beam’s
gild has grimmed,

flick the fuckin’

offer hard-on bohemians
final chance for coal grove owl
graceless worship dance,

on wicked wonka walls
and sticky slit ceilings
they’ll grind, jerk and sway
our milk carton sun

then cast grotesque
rorschach silhouettes
on father nature’s
diddler screens,

these and other such mortal rots,
never should be

bathed in ritual babe’s bloody
lake depths, of which
most, have never

© Anthony Gorman 2019



fall off facades

on instagram as: grumpygorman

tropic palm oils tame tragedies
spewed at satin mare’s visage
shade, discreet

suspending toaster-fried bathroom death
in mariana’s leagues of lovers, arctic hands’ 
cut glass monologues knead contusions
‘tween lapse in sandstorm gasps

yet, by rites of a kamikaze brand kindness
and righteous eye-roll,
sunday chapel say

she skims jaundice curd from
cliches etched blanch in
briar clay of trusts,

“if you won’t concede you’re free
from feeling pleased, please stay
late ’nuff to sink pissed dram
libertine in steep-end
slow treading  me.”

© Anthony Gorman 2019


the moistest methods of peacoquette

on instagram as: grumpygorman

peacoquette sways flutters suave to
butter dripping strobe gone soft

on  sleek of gown sequins,
boasting boutique iridescence,

a bulging floodgate presence  
spurs divan, mount-me penance,

in pseudo-zealous,
chest-pound trance,

of sugar-nose, raving crows 
hooked on nasty dance

©Anthony Gorman 2019



marvel finds of marble minds


keep this surefire sanction
swathed in down-slope spine,
of your creepy attic

when nitwit blame herd’s
scorched birth toothpicks,
jab deep at christened knight
name,  maligned

just remember, the amethyst
meteor streamers of our marveled 
monkey minds

are vapor tails of swine flight over
mad max moon crystal blue’s
freaky, golden ticket find

© Anthony Gorman 2019


captive adaptive

on instagram as: grumpygorman


lead paint mist garden sea’s
sun-soiled linens,

north pole sheet folds edged in
pale washed velveteen,

boredom bride’s deepest rose blushing
of sides, denies bolstered benzene, crushing
pea queen’s court mattress

now cursed to crawl shameful length
of draco’s rapture, all fours atop
cracked-echo glacier

through trust split tiers
to brazen, staged dagger
play demands-

dear ‘bedpost thrall’ prudence
feigns cheap incense flicker-flame in
fumbling umbra of strapping man’s
knuckle commands,

cue impending stir of sticky seed squall,
and sketchy-nerve brandy binges
with salty sailor schemes,

laced chlorine cleanse with rainless bow
summit of limp southern border
inchworm brain,

and to think, i almost bottom shelved
this good god gift of perpetual

such pressed button lungs, prod 
serrated spear misery midst
wisp of pleased wheeze

only crackling slightly
with leafs of ironbarks,
on thinned airs taken in,

love of labour’s death nest
treasure chest, now picnic casket
of fried twigs, candied scorn
and escape artist daddy

never again, one to flee
upright, upset tides
of freedom’s swollen
foam seas

© Anthony Gorman 2019