2020-10-15 – Different Says Who?

Praise it, curse it
i’ll still miss..

most of it, though
“i don’t yet know
any of this”..

guess i know more
or less than
i admit,

except through
the cloak
of text.


True, i recoil from blind
interrogations, and
poky probings
through and

x-ray’s screechy

as my penance
for thinking

than you..

who’s only

Sideways Thinker
igram: https://www.instagram.com/gèèrumpygorman/?hl=

..i’m you, though fierce you may decry it.

image at – https://economyhandicrafts.com/blog/oil-based-paint-vs-water-based-paint-whats-the-difference/

2020-10-03- Growing a Family

feel a crisp breeze’s
wisps of kindness
rustle as it

this frostbit clearing’s
knot of sickly
old trees,

guide all bastard brothers
and sullen sisters
into solidarity
stripped the

redefining and refining
what it means to
be one as

Seedy Gardener
igram: https://www.instagram.com/gèèrumpygorman/?hl=

painting by Bahadur Singh at – https://www.gallerist.in/abstract-paintings/tree-of-life-vii

2020-09-22 – Simple Simon

we call the guy simple
like it’s a bad

then buzz off to populate
and over-conjugate

and maybe strangulate
the feel from any
real feeling,

before it breaches
surface from the
depths of any

call me simple simon?
it would be a lie,

but that simple guy
offers me a fresh
tissue each

i sneeze
or cry,

even after i’ve ripped out
another fistful of
scalp over
the why..


so, thank you
simple guy

Woe S. Meaman

*poem loosely based on an ugly truth from youth. A friend and I would oft see a well-groomed man with down syndrome on our daily bus to school. I knew this man from my street and was aware he headed off to work placement he was pleased with (from our random, neighbourly chit-chats) This chap was courteous to others on the bus, often giving up his seat with enthusiasm over the chance to be a bit of help.

My buddy would mercilessly let slide, snide little side comments about the guy ever squeaking from his tight lipped smirk. Hardly the pinnacle of virtue at that age, i become fed up on one day, during one ride and said to ‘friend’,

“Wow, look at we…bench hogging over-fed, under-worked drop-outs, stinking of lazy lays and pot.. mawkish of the person too content with who he is and where he’s headed to notice we exist’. Then i yanked the string and stumbled off the bus just a few breaths before getting seasick.

drifting back to those bus stops still leaves me
queasy and doubting that i learned
a thing from it.

..it’s complicated.

actual footage of the bus depicted in the story above. 😉

20-09-10 – Your Judge

dive in deeper and
turn cheek

if hurt dictates
you must,

but please do it in a
way that’ll spare
my prideful

its bruised

in blind times we’ve
all receded in

to disarming reaches,
and the barbed
hands of


but it’s your skin to
burn, it’s your

your rules-
you’re judge.

Sleepy Bondsman

image adapted from art by everlite at- https://www.deviantart.com/everlite/art/Girl-in-mirror-1-of-2-99541902

..the only judge worth trust.

..the north star lit in each of us.