Here and Gone (and i long for Angel's Eyes)

each crooked step, each
shallow print left just fades
like tissue wave as death
train speeds away,

thought i’d have riper
regrets n’ cheeks would
rest less cement n’
more wet

than tight-strung tongue when
heart’s wings unfold soft
n’ golden to say

here or gone, i’ll love you
in all my restless,



Confessions of a Counselor

Counseling is a service, and it’s ok to challenge or question it, even when involuntary.

pen and paint have been much gentler
with me than most other forms
formalized as ‘therapy’

they’ve so often made my trusting
fool a target for an expert’s
drive n’ insecurities

then they’ll parade the valleys in
in our history for experts
itchin’ jowls for hints
and clues,

oh, and if it’s even even worth
my mention, i was once
the expert too



Piano Drop (Over Prodigal Crop)

at birth, a grand piano landed to
canned applause on trophy
girl’s head,

the bawling lights and icy hands
showed little caution in
declarin’ girl dead,

piano’s black keys remain mostly
undamaged, though admittedly,
cracked ivory is unsightly,

if you wanna be that picky with the
kind of ugly you’re keen to strut
for recital judge and
jury’s eyes,

then maybe there’s a grand piano
danglin’ above you too, just
holdin’ weight for just
right time.



Sir Huffsalot

my worst fiends are hand-rolled
friends dipped in blood wine
n’ ground to nicotine,

stripped raw and paraded in
white bonnets for panel
of twisted mister

those melons sheen like
cocaine clouds lit
with kerosene.



Garden Weeds (Never Noticed Him Leave)

haunted housewife concedes to
knowing ghosts she’s wed but
a run down garden shed.

and buried beneath the winding
weeds rests a box of forgotten
flowers, dry hours and
taped up pictures

shutters flash old screams on Imax
screens in dead dreamer’s
buried head.