Hope Ring

hope’s a fine but
fickle thing,

we clutch onto it,
pray for or
offer it

when we can
spare it,

other times, we engrave it
into gold of our
cheap rings,

then forget we
ever had

and that’s just
the thing,

all it takes is one slip
around a gaping

and you’re left with
nothing but hope
for a new

in own reflection’s
pouring rain

image: https://fineartamerica.com/art/paintings/wedding+ring?page=4

image: https://www.1stdibs.com/art/paintings/abstract-paintings/sara-jaskiewicz-rings-9-contemporary-acrylic-painting-colorful-vibrant-ornaments-patterns/id-a_5648592/

A Goofy Greeting

a good day fine
sirs and great

and a ripe dawn’ to you precocious
pencil pushers, staplers,
stencils and red
bingo dabber,

howdy to encyclopedias
britannica, brown and
shelf’s pretentious

and a nod to you scabby
old brushes out there
and to sky’s fresh

to giant snarl of yarn
needles pricking
my peel,

like the fun shit
just got real.

image: https://nonsensesociety.com/2013/01/inspire-creativity/

image: https://parichay2016.weebly.com/colour-splash.html

Island on its Side

inspired by a photo of a local park island taken over the weekend…

i flip entire
islands on their


yeah, i’m
that strong,

then i tilt my eye to
return their land where
they warned me
it belongs

how dare i toy with

my nerve, to think and
change positions.


what the hark’s with car
lot’s new wave of
vanity plates?

well, i mean who wouldn’t
want to know if a car
could talk what it
might say,

so go for it, if you’ve
got the coin
to pay..

and might i
just say..

do check out my
fresh plate as i
peel away.

image: https://pugetsoundblogs.com/waterways/2017/01/09/amusing-monday-new-steelhead-license-plate-enhanced-by-inspiration/

image: https://pugetsoundblogs.com/waterways/2017/01/09/amusing-monday-new-steelhead-license-plate-enhanced-by-inspiration/