Under the Collar

one dear father
only in collar

caught me chokin’ a
bottle in dusty
row pew,

he knelt for a swig
and i mused to

“why that’s quite
big of you”,

then saw his bejeweled
chalice had run

“wow, the
nerve of you..

and to think i nearly
swapped spit
with you.

image: https://www.catholicsteward.com/2014/06/04/stewardship-reflection-on-lectionary-readings-june-22-2014/

image: http://www.biddingtons.com/os/itemhtml/ht502280.shtml

Gridlock Grey (an Ode to Norway Bay)

our family cottage spot…

Norway Bay

you’ll always stay
a restless kid’s one
sleep away,

dreamin’ down death’s
woozy freeways,

towards log cabin in
brown country,

a long mile’s stretch
away, for days..

but squintin’
slits now..

i damn near see some
sandy surf thru the
gridlock grey

image: https://www.genat.org/cimetieres/site.php?idSite=441

image: https://www.artplatt.com/ArtistProfile.aspx?ArtistID=1015

by way of faith

Get outta my damn way
said me in the
damn way

and may i say the way
we freeze ourselves afraid
when nothing glows

our way..

’til we’re just shadows
of our shames.

is the true

In faith, let’s step forth
with foresight,

and not back into static
webs of clinging

image: https://www.artmajeur.com/en/topor/artworks/6630958/lost-soul

image: https://www.artmajeur.com/en/maksim-krapht/artworks/12321113/connection-lost

Rose Drop Wine

baby’s heart forms
before the mind,

and lady’s heart
just sighs..

“i’m fine”

see me in the shady side of
pond where my jaws
love to spread,

just ignore the
red sign..

i stitch-up lady’s heart only
to plant her nape deep
in thorny bed,

and sip on love’s
rose drop

with garden

image: https://art4tab.com/skeleton-breadth/creepy-skeleton/

image: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/sp-vampire-art-3d-n057-blood-flowers-drips-of-life/2063329

Lost to the Wind

she’s my love for life
in times lost to
the breeze,

and never before have
i crumbled with
such joy

in presence of heart

and i’ll not think or
blink twice

risking life for love
over fading in safe’s
false sense of

image: https://tenor.com/view/dream-gif-4575639

image: https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Autumn-Breeze-Original-mixed-media-painting-on-canvas-20x30x2cm-ready-to-hang/815786/3863518/view