2020-12-21 – Shady Blue Parade

shadows chase each
other past the

unaware i’m watching
every step, i may
cave and join
the race

and if i finally
do commit

i’ll float from dusty
hollow to tail
the last

shadow hoping
we make
a fine

parade as we come
and go at

from our

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gif – https://gfycat.com/discover/media-graveyard-gifs

2020-08-15 – Mushroom Blue

thoughts spore in
mushroom blue,

thoughts bloom storms
within world’s

for eternity spared the
dreamer’s curse and
cake crumb

leave me as shroom
blue bouquet,

i’ll grow up and out,
then bind around and in,
spread about then
sprout forth
from your

from mammal to mulch,
from frostbite to

from virgin stirrups to
saddle strapped
on death’s


blue mushrooms
in bloom above
my porch.

*poem inspired while revisiting the very dark and
churning title track to Nine Inch Nails’
Downward Spiral album.

“Everything’s blue in this world,
the deepest shade of mushroom blue
all fuzzy, spilling out of
my head.” –
Trent Reznor

yup, still a fangirl.