Dinner Host (the Table's Ghost)

a fresh corked bottle stands up
in the middle of undressed
table and gathers dust
like dinner guests,

and not a scrap falls below our
level elbows to the unrest
of gaunt n’ roving

but the gristly feast ain’t
over yet, and i know this
cause popped cork
just grazed my
sober head.

image: https://www.newyorker.com/tech/annals-of-technology/how-science-saved-me-from-pretending-to-love-wine


The Lost Piece

i picked it up and just stuck it
where i thought it
best fit,

then hasty me, i picked it
up again and tried to
stick it somewhere

then the regret hit, but tight space
in which it once forced a fit
had gone and filled in on
itself without the very
it that once fit,

and what’cha want, love?
there’s nothing more
to it,

you wanna read somethin’
different then go
write it.

image: https://fineartamerica.com/art/paintings/broken+mirror

image: http://photographmag.com/reviews/bing-wright-broken-mirrorevening-sky/

Pale Birds of Heather

the pale birds of
haunted heather

have flown the flue for
a tall glass o’ fresh
squeezed water

and palms of pleasure’s balmy coves
somewhere other than home
where trimmed branches
warp in droves,

she fails in freeing clipped wings
time’s sewn into sofa’s

n’ wipes her blue nose on
old starchy cloth she
calls new clothes

image: https://www.ecopetit.cat/ecvi/oxhbxx_birds-flying-smoke/

image: https://www.artpal.com/alan1?i=50588-10

Come n' Catch Me

cat burglar men manicuring lives for
for the non living with fungus in
gritty bloom under their

kicked indents in so many bulges
in fuck’it buckets, spilled hot
garbage from jaws o’ many
many tipped over pails,

IV bag kid’s missing out on
the cloud of butterflies
unleashed in each

chasin’ all those nuthins through
blazing hoops, in hopes of
catchin’ a twitch of
cat’s own tail.

image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/389420699005632753/

image: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/cats-dancing-on-halloween-margaryta-yermolayeva.html?product=art-print

A Nose-Dive Unglorified

ever nose-dive without
lookin’ below?

guess if you had, and things
had landed bad or worse
you’d never really
even know,

but we’d know, and we’d be left
with the messy messes, second guesses
and riddes left by a dive
so graceless,

and we’d be left kneelin’ at dusty
chair at next party without
your gratin’ laugh and
you here, alive

and true.

and though it may sound harsh n’
brash to you, i’d rather not
get stains on these
suede shoes,

would you?

image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/306526318383786407/?lp=true

image: https://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/80314/

Bird's Eye Bluff (Feathers n' Fluff)

to vision, my sunsets are
gettin’ shorter and the
lines to see her
grow longer

long spanning cliff’s craggy
crest to my rocky

cloud’s cotton sorta slows
the plummet, batting wings
like a feathered idiot,

fine in the head though
beak’s a little jagged,
call the crooked crows n’
come peck at my lids

image: https://5erg.wordpress.com/tag/crow-art/

image: https://society6.com/product/crow-wisdom_poster


i’ll be your hulk n’ skulking
WonderWolf in thunders
spittin’ bolts at your
worst terrors,

i’ll pace the gate,
it’s hard this fate but
there’s no ghost’s yard
i’d rather wander n’
glare at moon and beg
it’s protection here
for you,

so draw the blinds,
crawl inside, as
you so do

image: http://getwallpapers.com/collection/cool-wolf-backgrounds

image: https://www.boredart.com/2017/11/majestic-wolf-paintings-will-leave-amazed.html

Knick-Knacks on my Tracks

there’s a chewed up box of
kick knacks left on
my train’s brain

hear the whistle sound off
in distance, wind’s resistance
depletes with my implied

light teases at the tunnel
like eyelash flutters when
flooded with sun’s

there’s a chewed up box of
thumb tacks left on these
diesel heart’s cracks

and the tunnel eye’s
now bleedin’ black
and not only in

image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/480618591457102022/?lp=true

image: https://thoughtcatalog.com/christine-stockton/2013/11/16-peoples-terrifying-encounters-with-the-black-eyed-kids/