Wax Drippings

nimble as limber and
living loosely

just human jelly, boneless
flimsy, still oozing
out juicy

can’t move, who cares?
too stone to float off
anywhere but

where? over there? ok-
gettin’ up now, turn
on the pressure,

slippin’ in spills of
chicken soup as i
surfboard the
sticky floor,

eyes no longer mine,
n’ i’m tryin’ here
to barter for a

knobs too slick n’ greasy
can’t find my way
out any door,

i’ll just spiral inward ’til
someone nobler
finds me

might be awhile,
maybe too risky for any
noble’s heard my
tale n’ seen the

image: https://aminoapps.com/c/art/page/blog/melting-man/vmhn_uNL8VJ6BVb1vG0VV7xxjNgoE

image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/426012445978337865/

Flaming Crest

loosely inspired by a few photos of my older paintings..

dusty, ruffled plumes
encase a temple
in ruins

but we’ve heard the tales
of flight n’ flash from
wisps of ash,

and up she flares without
so much as the bat of
a feathered lash,

sheds one nagging glance,
too bright ahead to waste
any precious daylight
peering back.

Player Pieces

let’s play a

and maybe i’ll
let ya win

but only if you vow
to not pin

blue medal ribbon to
curled tip of your
ring finger

and wag it in my face with
that airtight band as
brash reminder,

it’s not a fun game
when you same it

but let’s not just save the
fun ones for next
rainy grey

hey, hey, whatcha say?
just stay, girl still
wanna play

image: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/15770/fantasy-romance

image: https://www.artspan.com/art/3171415-127768/all-art/Painting/role-play?PageSpeed=noscript

A Melty Sun

waking and stretching
wasting to nothing
grating and chopping
baking to tasting
uncorking and sipping
toasting to drinking
flying and sinking
into the sun

sinking to surface
pointless to purpose
jointless to stiffness
appointed to justice
disappointed with
fuss of injustice

shake the snake, weed
the lawn, take the cake
for a walk around
the pond

talk into a fan
just for fun you if you
like the cold, here
comes the

blinding and shading
scrubbing and fading
thinking to stressing
drifting to sleeping
swimming in dreaming
of a warmer

image: https://www.deviantart.com/sinester-finger/art/melting-sun-298629396

image: https://www.pinterest.es/pin/270216046371856377/

Cracks Filtered Smooth

“dude, i’ve got some fresh
moves, n’ i know you
wanna see ’em!”

well, man.. that’s
some stale ol’ news, but
sure, let’s see ’em

i must say, the whole show
smacks a bit familiar

“whatcha talkin’ bout?
this time, i used the Michael
Jackson filter!”

i just palm my face
and wander off,
on kilter

fresh mouth flappin’
on unfiltered

image: https://sharoncummings.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/the-original-s-e-l-f-i-e/

image: https://www.artspace.com/magazine/art_101/book_report/how-duchamp-kusama-basquait-and-others-take-a-selfie-27-contemporary-self-portraits-55354

Street Meat

city streets look
good on you,

but they can’t seem to
place your face,

no, they don’t recall
your given name

but that’s why you
fancy ’em best,

sudden warnings bluster in with
winter and our obscurity
coats these streets in
glassy lacquer,

still, you strive your best
to tread ’em with a
tall stem,

but don’t rest your eyes for
for long, the streets
will steal ’em

image: https://www.pressreader.com/usa/international-artist/20190201/282772062760039

image: https://www.wallpaperflare.com/trees-nature-forest-moon-bw-minimal-wallpaper-dark-abstract-wallpaper-erncf

Round Trip Flight

if i burst apart as smog
of canaries and flew
off in opposite

might each divided flight
echo back to your
same perch?

and would i feed on
your flow til my yellow
feathered belly

a homesick canary all
nested in ‘tween the
peaks top a black
cat’s chest

and i thinks i sees a
yellow little

image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/505880970621478981/

image: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Her-Will-to-Fly-Women-in-Photographs-Strong-Women-Fantasy-Wall-Art-Birds-/293174096937

A Wet's Context

wet from my kisses or
mist from under
skirt’s creases

conjured from guarded
imagination’s handsome sailor
waving her in from vessel
oft stationed,

his offer standing
gates open, for
a night

that suits her fine,
it’s the mornings that bore her
and by then he’ll have
coasted her tears
out the door.

image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/AYMXXa8ZRDwXFQenheCzZznsNtzqsifTgVLqwfvbJSFFxqYG727D4Pg/

image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/AYMXXa8ZRDwXFQenheCzZznsNtzqsifTgVLqwfvbJSFFxqYG727D4Pg/

Technic Ally: a Tale of Neglect

fluid surges n’ gears
compel a replicate smile
that’s not bared it’s
teeth in quite

so tight and technic, a magic
skeptic’s wires exposed
barer than suspected,

she dines on drive
and buttered

dig in, n’ watch the acid
splatter kitchen walls
like Pollock’s best

can’t see the thrilling
genius, just a

requiring immediate cleaning
obsoleting and don’t forget
the memory deleting-

fluid surges n’ gears compel
a spit-shine smile that’s
not thrilled in quite
the while

n’ now the eyes are
rusty leaking

image: Pixabay

image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/179088522653537845/