Prone to Splinters

OK, take it that way
if you want

but it doesn’t mean
that’s what my intent
meant or sent
to you,

or why i brewed up the
brave to let it fly your
way in hopes you’d
perceive my inner
lip quiver,

would you use your golden
tweezers to remove the
deeper splinters?



A Wet's Context

wet from my kisses or
mist from under
skirt’s creases

conjured from guarded
imagination’s handsome sailor
waving her in from vessel
oft stationed,

his offer standing
gates open, for
a night

that suits her fine,
it’s the mornings that bore her
and by then he’ll have
coasted her tears
out the door.



Cagey Eyes

she hides her eyes
and her eyes
hide she,

not sure why, not sure when
but i see now, the pungent
poison’s deep,

vanished somewhere beneath
the shell again, where
the brights can’t

disturbed, for damn sure
can’t be bothered to
wake or sleep,

won’t believe in a love that she
can’t see, and love can’t find
a way inside to source
point of the

she hides her eyes
and her eyes
hide she,

hid all the sharp things ‘cept
for the sharpest one

that’s me.



Quick’s these Sands

raining empathy for wasteland
eternities just to see the
floods wash her out
of reach

straw raft’s stuck in bulgin’ bank
on beach as mud swallows
my toes, then feet,

now ticklinat the ankle, i’ll be ever
so thankful once mercy’s muck
creeps up past my knees,

over torso, oh i hope she’s off
in some heated ink pool,
skin swimmin,

i know she can see me,
even with bulb in beacon
now dimming,

sludge up to heaving breast,
ever her buried treasure



Turn of a Touch

flip your lid,
and turn the flesh away
if you must,

just try to do it in a way
that will spare my
bare pride its

at times we’ve all receded
in disgust to disarming hands
or the thorny harms
of touch,

whatever your coin side,
i’m no judge.



Hold the Door!

i’m not blue enough for purple
and red’s dimming, so go
find a brighter nose to
guide your follow

our breezy descent into bouquet
of flaming groves

don’t swallow.

i’m plenty yellow as the
jaded fella in a fedora
perched on ol’ knee
before ya,

i’ll even hold the door for ya
lady, even when those
hands are free,

just don’t let that big bad door
smack me on its swing back
through your dark