Woe to the World

we’re so blind to the ways
we’re all blind

and i’m not so inclined
to abandon all mine, no time
today for tomorrow’s
poorly pen spray

i drape black gloved hand ‘cross
my face and moan my cliches
in heavy overlay.

cello strings swell raven’s
tar wings as a record
skips from overplay.

image: http://grandcentralatelier.blogspot.com/2011/03/joshua-larock-new-paintings-and.html

image: https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-martyr-the-resurrection-of-Van-gogh/706952/6458249/view

i write, i don't know..

“write what you know!”

nah, just write down what you
want and don’t sweat what
who does or doesn’t

though i know fewer things
than i’d dare admit,

heh, ya catch what
i just did?

see? i never know which
secret’s safe or best hid or
dare i admit it?

best part of art is love,
oh! and not givin’
a shit

and i care so little and give so
few shits that i wrote a
whole dumb poem
chewin’ out the

image: https://www.wallpaperflare.com/white-and-multicolored-abstract-painting-ink-symmetry-paint-splatter-rorschach-test-wallpaper-311637

image: https://medium.com/@okorafororji745/writers-block-or-abstract-laziness-381ef0018aec

Rhyme-out Clock (Mirror Keepin' Time)

fear i’ve run low on
rhymes before
my time,

now i’ve met each word so
many times i forget
the handshake,

that we’ve spooked each bird
love’s brittle limb’s

and i’ve danced
to chase,

just never moved with
any real sense
of grace.

image: https://www.alex-kovacs-metal-wall-sculptures.com/mewaartscclm34.html

image: https://s999.co.uk/shop/abstract-painting-london-commission-art-anna-marija-bulka-uk-burton/

Words in Wires

Is a poem about writer’s block just writer’s block’s last resort? 😉 . Words inspired by artwork by Leila Moazzami and Eduard Malingue. (linked below)

spells it out
in magic, just to
draw strings back a bit

chewing vowels in a coma,
strike my pose and
surplus commas

all down this page,
to up the drama

muse perched high-wire
like some frozen
table bird-

snow drifts past hope
in hibernation,

hums tune so tragic,
it shuns all word.

image: https://edouardmalingue.com/artists/zheng-zhou/

image: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/503769908310688052/