i write, i don't know..

“write what you know!”

nah, just write down what you
want and don’t sweat what
who does or doesn’t

though i know fewer things
than i’d dare admit,

heh, ya catch what
i just did?

see? i never know which
secret’s safe or best hid or
dare i admit it?

best part of art is love,
oh! and not givin’
a shit

and i care so little and give so
few shits that i wrote a
whole dumb poem
chewin’ out the

image: https://www.wallpaperflare.com/white-and-multicolored-abstract-painting-ink-symmetry-paint-splatter-rorschach-test-wallpaper-311637

image: https://medium.com/@okorafororji745/writers-block-or-abstract-laziness-381ef0018aec

Grumpys Gifts Poetry Corner now launching live.

Those of you who have been generous enough with your time and engagement to follow my poems know I used to post poetry of other writers i felt deserving of attention. I’ve decided to launch a new site, ‘Grumpy’s Gifts’ dedicated to my solidarity as not every talented wordsmith is also a marketing expert. 😉 Please come visit, share, join in if so inclined. As always, thank you for your support.

(Grumpy’s Gift) https://wordpress.com/view/grumpysgiftspoetry.org

slow dancer’s last chance

in ripe of sweat
and flower patterned

it’s a last dance call
for play’s dress-down
wind-up dolls,

boy king hoists mighty
crown, jewels catch
spin of strobe
and kiss the

sheds golden robe
for modest glow
he knows

blazing birthday
suit in summer

candles lit for
party after

image: https://www.juxtapoz.com/news/wallflower-paintings-by-cecilia-paredes/

image: https://pixabay.com/users/5598375-5598375/