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  1. At the bleeding edge of reality,
    On the paths of the dead.
    To king Solomon’s mines,
    On the highway on top of the world.
    To the Kingdom of Prester John,
    Where the sun rises in the East.
    At the Market Tavern,
    Back when Tigers used to smoke,
    And dream of ancient gods,
    Bound at the gates of dawn,
    Hallucinating the fey,
    Digging diamonds and gold.
    In exchange for the crystal tears of a human soul.

      • Thank you very much. It is part of an overarching theme I have tried to put together in various locations tied with links. I am still not quite there yet,mbut I did manage to make the main page viewable yesterday. There are some really decent photographs to play to the storyline…which is pretty much every fantasy trope that has ever been invented, tied to actual historical events, proposing an alternate view of reality. When I completed the rough draft of the book, I was so beside myself with its terrifying projections, I started two websites and a blog and a bunch of social media sites, to drum up a base I can use to sell the novel to a publishing house…it was my first book but I think it nailed it on the head. It’s the idea behind the idea that there are gateways to other worlds hidden in the wild places of Earth and that time is cyclical and repeats itself, that our imagination creates real form and real thought in the collective unconscious and that when a person dies, they see it all, and the kingdom of heaven during their second life when all their memories download and are relived in a sequence that lasts an eternity along a fractured second. The terrifying part is that humanity discovers that all the ancient legends and fairytales from our history were true tales and were warning of a time when gods hung in the sky, their faces looking down upon humanity as they walked across the paths of the dead, an eastern circumnavigation of the globe in a trade route that stretched from Alexandria in ancient Egypt, across the Russian steppes, over the Bering straight and beginning on the central West coast of British Columbia, where Sir Francis Drake discovered the entrance again in 1562 and the Queen of England has hidden the route in markings on her portrait on certain coins, for which she sits for 3 different portraits per coin…it also hits on coins, their immutable presence in history and the codes and ciphers that the mints have included in coins from around the world…the Roosevelt dime in the United States, being one of such pieces, that purport to use the bevels in the rim as degrees of longitude and latitude…the long and short of it is…I discovered the route to the Templar Treasure in 2019 and have been preparing a story to go with its discovery ever since. As I said, the photographs are pretty telling. Feel free to peruse the pages at http://themarkettavern.ca and https://whiterabbitt.picfair.com. I hope they are operating. The pictures are pretty cool, they are using a technique I have named…the other side of the coin.

      • I visited both links and did some reading and looking. It’s very profound and involved fare! I found many of the photos fascinating and saw much of what you depicted. Kudos to you for your dedication and effort in bringing your ideas and perspectives to light. Quite fascinating to attempt to unravel and thanks again for sharing!

      • I truly appreciate the compliment. It is the first feedback I have received, it gives me fuel to continue. Regards;
        Richard Gordon Thompson

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